Best Ways To Save

Saving is a very effective way of accumulating wealth. The best thing about saving is that you really don't have to do anything extra, besides putting money aside and leaving it alone. Saving is very easy once you get used to it. You'll learn how to cut costs, spend less, and make more cost effective decisions. This is a list of the best Apps and Accounts that offer you easy ways to save money. These money saving tips will help get you started on your path to success!

Aspiration- The Best Online Bank


You've most likely never heard of Aspiration Bank because the big banks don't want you finding out how great it is! This online bank is absolutely remarkable. You, the account holder, choose the amount you want to pay as your fee. It can be $0-$1000 depending on how much you enjoy the services, it's a bank run on trust that if they do a good job as a bank you'll show them your appreciation. What makes this bank so special besides being able to set your own fee? Well, Here's some of the highlights of this bank:

It has the highest paying interest rate in America. It has NO ATM FEES! It has an investing account that you can easily open. It has an easy to use, well designed app. And it has great charity opportunities. There are so many great features with this bank and I would highly recommend it for starting your saving account. 

Qapital - The App That Makes Saving Fun

Qapital is my #1 favorite saving app on my iPhone! It really makes saving fun and simple. It uses "Rules" to automatically save your money, by the rules you set within the app. It has pre-made rules, but also lets you create your own custom rules. It works with a lot of other apps such as IFTT, Pokémon GO!, Maps, Weather, etc. to help you create customized rules. Example: You can set an actual rainy day fund rule, so whenever it rains outside it'll automatically save the amount you specified for that rule! It really adds up fast and you won't even notice it's gone from your bank account, then you'll check your Qapital app and be amazed at how fast it accumulated. Get the app today and get 5$ free, just for signing up using this link!