Flip A Domain To Make It Rain - How To Make Money Flipping Domains

The World Wide Web is a massive space. There are always new emerging companies that need a website, and most of these companies want a website domain that reflects their business’s name or what service they provide. To most companies, the domain name is an absolute top priority when creating a website. The domain name of a webpage can do many things besides just being the gateway to the website. It can stick in people’s minds if it’s catchy, it can be a way for a brand to become recognizable, and these things lead to traffic. Now, this is where you as a domain seller come in.  Some people view the process of buying up random domain names as immoral or as a wrongdoing, because it limits companies to getting the name they prefer; However, we see it as an opportunity to cash in and make a-lot of real money, and in the words of the great Ricky Bobby “if you’re not first, you’re last”. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with flipping website domains. Website domain flipping is a gold mine if you can find the right one’s that haven’t been taken, and you register them before anyone else takes them. 

This is how to make money flipping domains And how to make money online fast! 

Helpful Tips For Selling Domains

  • Step 1: 

First, you need to figure out which platform you like best. I personally use godaddy.com, but there are plenty of different places for buying and selling domains. Godaddy usually sells unregistered domains for around 11$ a piece which is extremely cheap. I say this because some of the more sought after domains can sell anywhere from $1,500-$150,000, depending on certain criteria. 

  • Step 2: 

Once you’ve found your domain name registrar, you need to start getting creative! Think of some recognizable, catchy, and top-niche related domain names. Type these domain names into the search bar to see if they’ve been taken yet or not. If the domain name hasn’t been taken yet, you need to act fast and register it. After that you can proceed to do your happy dance. Side note: Make sure the domain is short and sweet, and is properly spelled. Also, “.com” domain names usually sell for more! 

  • Step 3:

Once you’ve registered your domain name, you need to list it for sell. Selling domains on godaddy is super easy. Go to manage domains, buy and sell, and click “list this domain”. You can list it as an auction or with a buy now price tag. The selling method is honestly up to you, both ways work just fine. 

  • Step 4: 

Check back to see if you have any offers on your domain. If you do then kindly start negotiating a price that you think is fair for the potential the domain name holds. Once you agree on a price, sell it and enjoy your fast and easy profit. Use it to buy more domain names if you think you have a knack for picking great domain names!