Using Your Hobbies For Profit

As I've mentioned before, making money doing the thing you love is the most rewarding method for generating an income. It makes you happy, you already spend time doing it, and if you're good at it, you can easily profit from it. Some of the most profitable hobbies are the most common ones that people usually choose. If you’re wondering how to make money from hobbies, start with this profitable hobbies list. 

1. Sell your crafts, handmade jewelry, or artwork on Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace for people to sell their crafts and creations. There's no limit to how much money you can make on Etsy. You set your prices, the hours you want to work making these items, and you can sell just about anything. Some examples are: handmade jewelry, your paintings/artwork, wood work, custom signs, and a whole lot more! Once you build a good customer following, this could easily turn into a full time job. And the best part? You're doing something you love to do. 

2. Sell Your Music

Do you love creating music? Good news! You can profit from it! Cover instrumentals, your band's album, or beats you've made are just some examples of some of the music you could make quick money from. The best music marketplaces for individual artists are: Payloadz, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CD baby, and TuneCore. 

This can be a very rewarding side job. Personally, I'm a musician with a decent local following when I have weekend gigs. Once my songs and beats were for sale online I started promoting my links and within a week I was already receiving around $100 a week, literally from what I'd already been doing for free in my spare time. The more you promote yourself the more successful you will be in the music business. 

3. Sell Your Photos

Are you an amateur photographer wanting to take your skills to the next level? Here are some great places to sell your photos:


This is an app that allows users to edit, post, and sell their personal photos straight from their phone. The Eyeem app sells your photos via the Eyeem market. If your photo really stands out, it can be selected by Eyeem's team for what's called The Premium Collection. The Premium Collection is a great feature because not only is your photo for sale on the Eyeem marketplace, but also distributed to the top photo selling sites such as Getty Images, Alamy Stock, and Adobe Stock. This will give you a way higher chance of selling your photos. Eyeem makes adding photos and tagging them much easier on you, rather than uploading and tagging your photo on each individual site. "Eyeem Vision" is a great new feature in the app, it analyzes your photo then finds the appropriate tags for you to add. You can add all of the suggested tags, as well as add your own custom tags if you'd like. This makes it extremely simple, convenient, and automated for you to start selling your photos. The amount you can make is really based on how good your photo is, the subject matter, and how many photos you upload. The more you add the better chances you have of selling.

Search For "Eyeem" on the app store, download it to your mobile device, then start selling your groovy pics! 


This is a very popular stock photo website that also allows users to add their photos for sale. It has a very nicely designed contributor website that makes it easy for you to see your sales, your account balance, and which photos have sold, etc. It is very easy to use from your smartphone as well as your computer. It allows you to add multiple photos at one time which is a life saver when you have a lot to upload. Shutterstock is very popular so you have a great chance of selling your photos, digital artwork, videos and much more, from their site. This is  a great way for photographers to get started selling because it walks you through the steps of adding content. You can really make a lot of money from shutterstock. You could get paid up to $250 per picture from this site.

4. Writing For Profit

If you enjoy writing then you're in luck! There are so many jobs for freelance writers on the internet that pay surprisingly well. If you google "Freelance Writing Jobs" you can find so many different jobs available that you can do from home. Upwork is great site that shows you the description of the job, as well as the individuals budget for the job. 

Another option would be to start your own personal blog. This can generate income via online ads on your site. 


This is a wonderful site that lets users begin working as a freelance writer! It's also a great site for finding a freelance writer for a project. 

We are currently searching and testing other hobby platforms and will update this list very soon. All underlined apps and websites are embedded with links that will take you to the website. 

How to make money from hobbies

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