Top 5 Music Promotion Tips For Selling Your Music Online

Top 5 tips to promote and sell your music online

If your hobby of choice is being a musician, then you’re in luck! Making music is a wonderful hobby, and it has great money making potential. Making a living as a musician nowadays isn’t nearly as challenging as it was back in the day. The reason? A little thing called the internet! The World Wide Web has changed the way musicians promote, share, and sell their tunes; It has also changed the way fans interact and discover this type of content. Whether you’re a performing musician, a.k.a in a band, or just the at-home-recording-just-for-funzies type, these tips will work great for both types of musicians. I myself have been both types, as of now I’m more of the “Stay at home and record in my P-Jammies” type; However, I’ve been in several successful rock/pop bands. 

So if you’ve got some talent, the internet is going to be your main tool for selling your tunes, and your best friend for sharing/promoting your musical creations to the world! This hobby is one of the top ways to make money online! 

Come with me, Let’s dive in to the top 5 tips for musicians to make money online. 


Notice the capital lettering?! Ya, well that’s because social media is the absolute #1 most powerful music promotion tool there is, and it easily has the most impact on making a name for yourself in the world of musicians.  

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Etc., connect you and your music to your potential fans, it gets you out there and gets you noticed. This is where content is discovered, liked, shared, and potentially goes viral. 

Here’s a quick 3 minute video rundown about social media marketing:

2. Only Post Your Best Songs

You are your own worst critic when it comes to your music. You notice all of those tiny little details that are just SOOOOO IMPERFECT. Most listeners won’t notice the flaws, but as a rule of thumb, stray away from posting those songs that you second guess simply because you’ve noticed a ton of small errors. I’m not saying people will notice these errors, but if there’s a whole lot of’s probably not your best work, and the main goal is to keep people coming back, not to scare them away!

3. Create Profiles On Different Music Promotion Websites

The idea here is to spread your music out as much as you can on the web. The more sites you post your music on, the better reach you’ll have for your audience and you’ll garner more attention. Some of the top sites for music distribution and promotion are:


(Popular Social Media Type Site For Artists To Post Songs For Sell And Download) 


(Great Platform For Sharing Content Such As Music Videos & Lyric Videos)


(Has Gained More Attention Lately And Is Known For Being A Great Way For Musicians To Get Found)


(Payloads Is More Focused Towards Selling Your Music Rather Than Promoting It)

4. Play Shows Live Or Online

Yep, you heard that right! You can play shows/concerts online now....well, sort of! With the advancement of live streaming on social media you can connect with your fans via a live video feed on sites such as Facebook! Get your instrument or band, warm those vocal chords up, set your camera or laptop up, and press “go live” to start your live broadcast. Fans will receive a notification announcing you are live and will tune in to listen to you. This is a great way to gain attention and recognition. Promote your link to the site where people can purchase your tracks or album and start watching the money come rolling in! 

For a more traditional method, go to a local bar and play your tunes and sell CD’s or t shirts afterwards! Also make sure to hand out cards with your music page’s link on it. 

5. Promote Your Music By Sharing Music Videos

You may be wondering “how can I make money online from YouTube?”. Well, this is actually one of the best ways to make money online, and it’s free to use! It’s called Google Adsense for YouTube, and it can make you a ton of cash if you have a decent amount of views on your videos. YouTube is already one of the top sites for online music promotion, so you’ll be getting double perks from YouTube. You’ll receive free online music promotion, and money from the views on your music videos! Adsense is google’s advertising platform that can be integrated into websites, blogs, apps, or YouTube videos, and it’s literally the best advertising platform on the web, in my honest opinion. You know those 15 second ads they play before you watch a video? That’s google Adsense and a lot of people make a full time income by simply allowing Adsense to work it’s magic on their videos! This is an excellent way to turn a regular YouTube music video into a money making machine! 

We really hope you found these music promotion tips helpful and wish you the best of luck with your musical journey! Tell your friends! 


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