Make Money Online By Testing Websites

Learn How To Make Money Online Fast By Testing Websites

A lot of websites will pay people to test their websites. Websites which haven’t yet launched and need to run a beta test. Or websites which have recently undergone a lot of changes and want to see if their new changes are user friendly. It’s important for websites to be easy to access and navigate, and to make sure they are hitting all the marks with regards to this – what better way to test it than getting real unbiased people to have a go?

We’ll show you how to make money at home by using our website testing tips. 

Getting Started

This is a fairly basic way of making money from the comfort of your own home. To do this job you will need a good, working computer. It goes without saying that your computer and your browser will need to be fully up to date in order to run the websites without issue. You generally need to be a native English speaker, although some companies don’t mind those who aren’t fluent in the language. One of the most crucial aspects of this job is being internet savvy. You need to be familiar with the internet, how most websites run and how they should run. So if the thought of using the internet makes you cringe, then this probably isn’t the job for you.

Another thing worth mentioning – your computer should have a microphone as you may be asked to speak your thoughts out loud. Don’t worry – this is just so the people whose website you’re testing gets an idea of your initial thoughts and feelings. 

How Much Can I Make?

These tests are generally fairly straightforward and they can take anywhere between 5 – 30 minutes. You can end up earning $10 per website, so if you organise your time well then you could make a fair amount of money doing this. 

General Guidelines Of Website Testing

Although the website tests vary depending on which site you’re using, they generally follow a similar formula. Once you have signed up, you’ll be asked to do a sample website, just so they can see if you’re a good fit and if you understand the task properly. After you’ve done this you will get sent invitations to accept website testing and then you can get started! Most of the site testing will involve you having to navigate to a predetermined area of the site, speaking aloud your thoughts as you go along. This will involve you talking about how easy each part is to find, whether you’re having any trouble and anything else you notice which stands out. Afterwards, you will generally be asked a few specific questions and your job is just to answer as honestly and constructively as possible. 

There really are no wrong answers, as the sites just want to get your honest feedback. Just make sure you’re understanding the instructions correctly and you won’t go wrong! 

Final Comments

Website testing is a tried and true method to making money online at home. It doesn’t take very long to complete the assignments and the payment is usually much more than tasks such as taking online surveys. Aside from the payment being good, it’s also a great way to find new websites, as well as improving the sites you already use everyday. 

Website Testing Tips

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